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  • Hill Brady/Skyline Drive SW Quad Site Development - Battle Creek
  • New BCPD Police Headquarters - Battle Creek
  • MDOT M-60 Improvements - Calhoun County
  • MDOT Holt Road Non-Motorized Path - Holt
  • MDOT Angling Road Sanitary Sewer - Portage
  • Kalamazoo Rivers Edge Roundabout - Kalamazoo
  • Michigan State University ISTB Sitework - East Lansing
  • Calhoun County Culvert Replacement - Calhoun County
  • Kellogg Community College Miller Gymnasium - Battle Creek
  • Lansing Community Mental Health - Lansing
  • Cole Academy - Lansing
  • Quincy Water Main and Lift Station - Quincy
  • Jackson Airport Runway 7-25 Phase II - Jackson
  • MDOT M-99 Brick Reconstruction - Calhoun County
  • MDOT I-94 EB - Berrien and Van Buren County
  • Woodworth Manufacturing - Homer
  • Lorann Oils - Lansing
  • Fairview Elementary - Lansing
  • Hidden Ridge RV Community Expansion - Hopkins
  • Hastings High School Phase 3 Additions - Hastings
  • Farmer's Alley Reconstruction - Kalamazoo
  • Lakeland Hospital Clinical Pavillion Phase 1 - St. Joseph
  • Lakeland Healthcare Parking Expansion - St. Joseph
  • MDOT Kalamazoo Street - Bloomingdale
  • Magna Mirror Pit Reconfiguration - Battle Creek
  • Michigan State University Lot 63 - East Lansing
  • Michigan State University Breslin Hall of History - East Lansing
  • Prairie Farms Addition - Battle Creek
  • Henry Ford Allegiance Health - Jackson
  • MDOT Pinckney Road - Livingston County
  • MDOT Gumwood Road Path - Cass County
  • MDOT O'keefe and Diamond Streets - Cass County
  • Seeley Booster Station - Coldwater
  • Minges Brook Elementary School - Battle Creek
  • VA Medical Center Parking Lot Reconstruction - Battle Creek
  • Quite Zone Railroad Crossing Reconfiguration - Battle Creek
  • MSU Spartan Village Housing Redevelopment - East Lansing
  • Maple Lawn Medical Care Expansion - Coldwater
  • MSU Medical Research Center - Grand Rapids
  • MDOT I-94 Over Paw Paw River - Van Buren County
  • WWTP Ultraviolet Addition - East Lansing
  • Gun Lake Casino Expansion - Wayland
  • MSU Breslin Center Additions - East Lansing
  • The Andersons Ethanol Plant - Albion
  • MDOT US-127 Soundwall Construction - Ingham County
  • MDOT Blue Star Highway Bridge - Van Buren County
  • Coldwater Road & Utilities Contract #2 - Coldwater


    Location: Okemos, Michigan
    Owner: Jackson National Life Insurance Company
    Combined Contract: $14,686,000

    Project Description: Earthwork and infrastructure development for the expansion of Jackson National Life Headquarters. The total grading and improvement area was 100 acres. In addition to sitework the project included construction of offsite utilities and reconstruction of Okemos Road in the vicinity of the headquarters campus.

    Delivery Method: This project was completed using a Design-Assist delivery method.  Hoffman Bros. was selected from a short list of contractors invited to submit a proposal for the project. We were selected based on our proposed project team, manpower and equipment resources and our history of delivering large sitework and infrastructure projects on time.

    • Excavation
    • Imported Fill
    • Sand Subbase
    • Aggregate Base
    • Storm Sewer
    • Sanitary Sewer
    • Concrete Curb
    • Concrete Sidewalk
    • Topsoil Restoration
    • Asphalt Paving
    223,000 cubic yards
    34,000 cubic yards
    52,000 cubic yards
    78,000 tons
    12,100 feet
    8,100 feet
    34,100 feet
    110,000 square feet
    230,000 square yards
    16,000 tons


      Location:  Battle Creek, Michigan
      Owner:  City of Battle Creek
      Contract Amount:  $1,533,617.00

      Project Description: Construction of a new twin pipe inverted sanitary sewer siphon with new cast in place concrete diversion chamber and outlet structure. The river crossing work was accomplished inside a cofferdam first installed on the north side of the river and then later on the south side.

      Major Items of Work:

      • 24” and 30” DI Pipe         
      • Concrete Encasement
      • 42” CIPP Re-line of Existing
      840 feet
      380 feet
      420 feet


    Location:  Battle Creek, Michigan
    Owner:  City of Battle Creek
    Contract Amount:  $7,795,243.00

    Project Description: Complete reconstruction of Michigan Avenue through the downtown Battle Creek business district. This project is being constructed in 3 phases to minimize the impact of construction on the downtown business district. The scope of the project included replacement of the aging water main and storm sewer infrastructure prior to reconstruction of the roadway. The project also includes numerous streetscape elements such as a fire pit, water fountain and a 40 foot long glass and metal sculpture.

    Major Items of Work:

    • Storm Sewer
    • Water Main
    • Concrete Curb/Gutter
    • Concrete Paving
    • Concrete Sidewalk
    • Decorative Concrete
    • Brick Paving
    • Asphalt Paving
    • Precast  Concrete Benches
    • Street Lighting System
    2,500 feet
    3,700 feet
    7,890 feet
    5,585 square feet
    50,000 square feet
    5,895 square feet
    96,000 square feet
    3,725 tons
    70 each

  • Location:  Battle Creek, Michigan
    Owner:  City of Battle Creek
    Contract Amount:  $6,625,015.00

    Project Description: Construction of a new parallel runway at W.K. Kellogg Airport. The project involved approximately 285,000 cubic yards of total earthwork. 30,000 cubic yards of muck excavation and over 50,000 cubic yards of fill material imported from off site. New airfield lighting and a new electrical vault building were also constructed as part of the project.

    Major Items of Work:

    • Muck Excavation 
    • Imported Fill 
    • Subbase 
    • Aggregate Base
    • Restoration
    • 12-42” Storm Sewer 
    • Underdrain
    • Asphalt Paving  
    32,000 cubic yards
    55,000 cubic yards
    63,600 cubic yards
    82,500 square yards
    74 acres
    8,250 feet
    21,000 feet
    15,840 tons

  • I-94 BUSINESS LOOP (Main Street)

    Location:  Benton Harbor, Michigan
    Owner:  MDOT
    Contract Amount:  $12,005,234.00

    Project Description:  Reconstruction of 1.78 miles I-94 BL (Main Street) through downtown Benton Harbor. The project involved complete reconstruction of the roadway including new sanitary sewer, water main and storm sewer. 100% of the existing concrete road was recycled and reincorporated back into the project as aggregate base. The completed project includes two roundabouts, bicycle lanes, on-street parking, streetscape elements and traffic signal modernization.

    Major Items of Work:

      • Pavement Removal  
      • Storm Sewer     
      • Sanitary Sewer    
      • Water Main      
      • CIPP Sewer Lining    
      • Subbase       
      • Aggregate Base       
      • Concrete Curb/Gutter
      • Concrete Sidewalk 
      • Asphalt Paving        
      156,000 square yards
      10,900 feet
      16,052 feet
      13,711 feet
      7,030 feet
      43,401 cubic yards
      75,000 square yards
      29,400 feet
      168,600 square feet
      30,000 tons

      National Partnership for Highway Quality
      Award Winner


    Location:  Lansing, Michigan
    Owner:  City of Lansing
    Contract Amount:  $7,652,046.00

    Project Description: Separation of existing combined sewer through construction of new independent sanitary sewer and storm sewer systems. The project included replacement of the existing water main system and complete reconstruction of all affected streets.

    Major Items of Work:

      • Pavement Removal 
      • 12-54” Storm Sewer
      • Sanitary Sewer  
      • Water Main  
      • CIPP Sewer Lining 
      • Subbase         
      • Aggregate Base  
      • Concrete Curb/Gutter
      • Concrete Sidewalk  
      • Asphalt Paving    
      35,000 square yards
      3,800 feet
      19,980 feet
      10,000 feet
      19,300 feet
      11,100 cubic yards
      56,700 square yards
      10,000 feet
      12,500 square feet
      14,000 tons

  • Location:  New Buffalo, Michigan
    Owner:  Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians
    Contract Amount: N/A

    Project Description: Earthwork and utility infrastructure for the new Four Winds Casino Resort. This project involved grading and improvements on approximately 200 acres. The majority of the sitework was completed in a six month time frame.

    Major Items of Work:

    • Earthwork    
    • Storm Sewer   
    • Sanitary Sewer  
    • Water Main  
    • Sand Subbase
    • Geogrid         
    • Aggregate Base 
    250,000 cubic yards
    13,000 feet
    8,000 feet
    10,000 feet
    50,000 cubic yards
    74,700 square yards
    144,300 square yards
































































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